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Introducing S.O.S Aromatherapy Candles!

We have produced a range of candles, designed to be both kind to the environment and your body.

These candles are made with pure essential oils and soya wax. No paraffin wax, pure cotton metal free wicks, no artificial scents and no artificial colours. Now as well as saving your skin with SOS Balm® we are here to Save Our Senses with SOS candles! 

Kind to your body

As someone who suffers with allergies, we understand how much you may be missing home fragrance. With these candles you get to enjoy heavenly scents without the reactions to artificial scents. Not only can normal candles be toxic to the environment, but they can be toxic to your body too. With SOS's range of candles, made only with pure essential oils and soya wax, you can be happy that your home is filled with pure aromatherapy and no nasties.

Eco friendly

Our candles are completely eco friendly, sustainable and kind to the environment. We've gone totally green with our candles, we use sustainable packaging, grown from plants, that can be composted. Our box sleeves are made from seeded paper, so you can lay them in the garden when you are done and watch them break down and grow into wild flowers! Our candle glasses can be recycled as glasses or pots to store make-up or paint brushes, stationary or whatever you desire! All paper packaging is ethically sourced and can be recycled.

5 Available Scents

We have five incredible aromatherapy blends, all expertly designed to help you relax and restore body and mind. 

Ginger Lily and Ylang Ylang - De-Stress

Orange and Bergamot - Revive

Eucalyptus - Cleanse

Cedarwood and Geranium - Meditate

Lavender and Chamomile - Relax

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International Orders...

Orders outside of the UK are sent in aluminium packaging to keep size and weight to a minimum and shipping costs low. If you order a 60g this will be split into two 30g alumunium packaging. Orders outside of the UK are currently capped at 60g total, if you would like to order more than this, please contact for a shipping quote.

Parcels are sent via royal mail: Europe 3-5 business days

Rest of World 6-7 business days

Orders to the UK are sent via royal mail first class and take 1-3 business days.