SOS Balm® FAQ's

What Is SOS Balm®?

SOS Balm® is a combination of pure ingredients in the convenience of a balm. Designed as a baby product for delicate and eczema prone skin, SOS Balm is a multitasking, natural balm, that can be used by the whole family, from baby to gran! Save Our Skin with SOS Balm®.

How was SOS Balm Created? 

SOS Balm was created as a solution to baby skincare needs, especially when your baby or child suffers with allergies or skin conditions like eczema. It's designed to be delicate on skin but also effective, tackling sore, dry, inflamed and irritated skin without the use of harsh chemicals or steroids. It can be used from any age and for children and adults. 

What can SOS Balm be used for?

SOS Balm can be used for nappy rash, dribble rash, eczema and psoriasis flares. It can help to soothe cuts, scrapes, minor burns and rashes. It is an effective moisturiser for dry skin that won't aggravate sensitive skin. It is available unscented which has no allergens and scented with only pure Lavender and Neroli essential oils.

Who can use SOS Balm?

SOS balm can be used by the whole family especially babies. Gentle on skin, this organic, vegan product is made with 100% naturally derived ingredients. The unscented version is suitable from birth and the scented version is suitable from 6 months. 

How Is SOS Balm® different to other nappy rash creams? 

SOS Balm's formulator was a mum facing the challenges of having a baby with allergies and eczema. She wanted a product that she could trust, with ingredients that were gentle and weren't full of chemicals that were going to aggravate her baby's delicate skin. You can read more about SOS Balm's story here.

SOS Balm is Vegan, Organic, gentle on skin, 100% naturally derived ingredients, eco friendly, ethically sourced, never tested on animals, sustainable ingredients, recyclable packaging, minimally processed ingredients, unrefined, not mass manufactured, made in the UK and lovingly crafted by hand.

Ultimately, it is a product that works to calm nappy rash without suffocating the skin. A little goes a long way and it soothes, calms and takes away the sting. All the while as a parent, you can be sure only the most gentle natural ingredients are sinking into your babies skin. Happy babies, happy parents. Better still, it's available unscented and allergen free.

What about the price?

SOS Balm may be a little more expensive that the average nappy cream but here's why it's worth it:

  1. It's not filled with 90% water like many formulas, therefore it's concentrated and a little goes a long way. Many report a 30g pot lasting for months depending what it's used for. As it's not filled with ingredients like mineral oil that cause dryness and suffocate skin, you won't have the incessant need to keep reapplying as much, especially in the case of nappy balm, as it won't exasperate the problem. If you are using it all over for an adult, get two pots at a discount and have one at home and one in your bag, plus you'll save on postage rather than a big pot that you'll pay £3+ for it to get to you. 
  2. All the ingredients are of the best purest quality and quality doesn't come cheap. That's why many companies choose cheap fillers to reduce their costs and increase profit. We haven't and will never compromise quality for profit.
  3. We're a small company intentionally. This doesn't give us the advantage of mass production like our competitors, but helps us make sure that quality never slips in favour or quantity.
  4. SOS Balm replaces the need for several products, reducing cost and waste.
  5. It's worth it! you may not believe us until you try it but it really is, when you find a solution to skin problems that is right for you, how much is that worth? 
  6. We paid £8 recently for a light up toy at a funfair which was used all of 5 mins. For a couple of pounds more, you are getting an excellent skin product, with free postage, that lasts ages and isn't made of plastic.
  7. If you are not satisfied we'll give you your money back. We understand how frustrating it is to try hundreds of products and nothing work, and how much the cost of this adds up. We're confident you'll love SOS Balm, and customers report something new everyday that it's helped them with. However if you are not satisfied, just contact us within 60 days of purchase and we'll put it right: .

Why does the product sometimes look different?

Our product is natural and therefore sometimes you will have variances in colour and texture but the product is still great no matter what it looks like. It's also a complicated formula to get right with variances in weather and temperature causing variations. 

Beware of heat!! - keep your SOS Balm Stored in a cool area, even in the fridge if it gets too hot outside. If it is stored somewhere too warm it will begin to melt, if this happens pop it back in the fridge to re-set. You may find after resetting that its's a little grainy. Don't worry this won't effect the efficiency of the product, it's just where the fats have cooled at different rates, the little grains will melt when in contact with the skin. We've taken it all over the world without any problems but I wouldn't leave it in your beach bag in the blazing sunlight...

Does SOS Balm Have a Scent?

The unscented has a natural scent from the shea butter. Some describe it as a smokey scent. We love it and it's pretty inoffensive, we've only met one person in 10 years who isn't keen! You can get refined unscented shea butter but that involves a lot of processing and takes some of the goodness away, we'd rather keep it in. The scented has pure Lavender and Neroli essential oils in and smells divine!

How much is postage?

Postage on our website is free. We have chosen our cute 30g containers specifically to keep postage down as up to 4 can be posted in a large letter size. If we create bigger jars, postage costs will start entering the £3+ mark, the cost of which will need to be passed onto customers, we'd rather keep it free. 

Why don't you do bigger pots?

For the postage reasons set out above plus having multiple smaller posts allows you to keep one handy at all times! Not only that but as a natural product the shelf life is shorter than those with multiple chemicals. We've made and tested larger pots and never got to the bottom of them in a year, it ends up being a waste, and SOS Balm is too good to throw away! 

If you are an adult covered in psoriasis or eczema, using the balm a lot during your flares, take advantage of our 2 pots at a discounted price, you'll save money and can keep one handy at home and on the go. Also remember the product is concentrated so a little really does go a long way.

How long will it take to be delivered?

Everything is sent by royal mail 24 and often reaches our customers the next day. Orders placed before 4pm Mon-Fri we try and get out the same day. Please allow 1-3 working days for your parcel to arrive before contacting us. 

Do you post to Europe or to the rest of the world?

This is something we are working towards offering in the future. Each country and the rest of Europe have different regulations when it comes to skincare. Since Brexit there's different things to comply with and it all takes time. We'll let you know as soon as we are up and running outside of the UK. If you'd like to stay notified, drop us an email: and we'll inform you when we are going international!


We've been shortlisted for the 2024 Mother Baby awards as best Nappy cream and been entered into the Free From Awards.

We are in the process of seeking approval from Allergy Uk, the eczema society, Soil association, free from and vegan status and will update as these applications progress.