Newborn, Baby and Toddler Skincare Product and Moisturiser - SOS Balm

Moisturising, Soothing Skincare for Newborns, Babies and Toddlers

SOS Balm was originally formulated by a mother for her daughters sensitive and eczema prone skin. It can be used for all your baby skincare needs, anything from nappy rash to cradle cap, newborn moisturiser, baby ointment and as your baby begins exploring their first steps, it can be used to soothe grazes, cuts, scrapes and rashes. Take it on holiday with you for the whole family to treat sunburn, bites and stings. 

SOS balm is an amazing multitasking balm, gentle enough on newborns delicate skin.

 All Natural and Gentle

Our unscented version of SOS Balm contains no more than 5 natural ingredients. Each carefully selected to do the job required. We have combined these 100% natural, vegan ingredients, with as little messing as possible, so there is nothing that will be harsh or unwelcome on your baby's skin.

Natural ingredients are kinder to skin, without any artificial scents, chemicals and preservatives, mineral oils or paraffin liquid, all too often used in baby products. SOS Balm is also formulated for eczema prone and sensitive skin, so you can be sure no allergens are in the product (unscented). 

Can SOS Balm be used from birth?

Yes the unscented is suitable from birth and the scented (pure organic Lavender and Neroli Essential oils only) is suitable from 6 months old.

Can I use SOS Balm on a baby with eczema?

Yes! SOS balm works brilliantly on eczema prone skin and can even be used to soothe flares. The scented has only pure Organic Lavender and Neroli essential oils in, which are the best for sensitive skin, or we have the unscented with no allergens for the super sensitive souls. You can read more about how SOS Balm can be used on children and babies with eczema here.

Can SOS Balm be used as a nappy cream?

Yes! It was originally designed as a nappy cream to replace those with harsh ingredients. SOS Balm has even been shortlisted in the 2024 'Best Nappy Cream' Mother and Baby awards! Learn more about SOS as a nappy balm here.

Can SOS Balm be used on dribble rash?

    Yes! Read here about how SOS Balm can help with dribble rash.

    SOS Balm is vegan, organic, gentle on skin. It is handmade in the UK and you can get yours below. Buy online today.