Balm to Soothe Sunburnt Skin - After Sun Moisturising

SOS Balm for Sunburn

SOS Balm contains 100% natural, organic, vegan ingredients and is a travel must have, especially if you are going to be out in the sun!

Sunburn and How SOS Balm Helps

Everyone knows how uncomfortable sunburn can be, whether from a day sightseeing or being caught out around the pool, SOS Balm can help. SOS Balm contains ingredients like Shea Butter, Calendula and Chamomile, all great for soothing sore, irritated and inflamed skin. Natural oils replenish moisture, lessening peeling. Most importantly it takes the sting right out of burns, and sinks in to help you get dressed after applying, without that sticky feeling! A little goes a long way so you won't be weighing down your luggage with huge bottles of product. You can even use SOS balm on bites, stings, grazes, minor cuts burns and rashes so it makes a great travel must-have for the whole family, even babies! 

Even if you aren't in the sun, use SOS Balm on chapped lips or dry hands and to protect skin from the elements.

Sensitive Skin Friendly Ingredients

SOS Balm contains only pure natural ingredients and is perfect for every one from baby to gran. It is designed for sensitive and eczema prone skin and the unscented is suitable from birth and contains no allergens. Artificial scent, colour and preservative free, you can feel confident at what is being absorbed into your family's skin. The scented has relaxing and comforting pure organic lavender and neroli oils and smells amazing. 

Each ingredient plays a part in moisturising, calming and rebalancing skin. Vitamin E helps restore,  Argan and Hemp seed oil aid skin rebalancing and repair. everything is chosen to sink in well without leaving a heavy greasy film, a little goes a long way.

Hear what one SOS Balm Customer had to say when they saved their skin from sunburn!

"Wow this is definitely an SOS balm, as it literally saved us from a few days of agony after getting a very British sunburn. Normally I go straight to the supermarket after sun bottle, but whilst holidaying with family, one suggested I tried this little pot of magic. Applied on my back and let it soak in over night. By the morning I was obviously still quite pink nearly zero pain. I even managed to get dressed without feeling like the material was sticking to me. Repeated the next evening just to add the moisture back in to my skin. A week on and no sign of peeling or dry skin! The other half did not follow my suggestions and still slightly pink and peeling!"


SOS Balm is an eczema friendly moisturiser, designed for sensitive skin and handmade in the UK. You can buy online below and find out what else you can use it for.