Nappy Cream - All Natural Vegan Baby Barrier Balm

SOS Nappy balm

SOS Balm was originally formulated by a mum for her daughter with eczema prone skin and allergies. The primary aim was to create a gentle, natural, organic and allergen free nappy cream, and all-round go-to for her baby's skin to replace her old favourites that irritated skin. What she created has gone on to help many parents overcome the trials of nappy rash and even been shortlisted in the 2024 Mother and Baby awards!

Nappy rash and How SOS Balm Helps

SOS Balm is a fantastic nappy balm. Formulated with gentle, allergen free ingredients that care for skin and can be used from birth (unscented). It sinks in well, calms, soothes and takes care of nappy rash whilst creating a barrier and helping skin to balance. Without the use of artificial scents, chemical additives and mineral oils or petroleum products, you can be sure that what is sinking into your baby's delicate skin is kind and gentle. 

As your baby grows this multitasking wonder can be used as a vegan moisturiser, for cradle cap, right through to bumps bruises, grazes, bites, stings and minor burns. SOS Balm replaces the need for multiple products into one handy little pot. A little goes a long way and it fits perfectly into a changing bag.

Baby Friendly Ingredients

SOS balm only contains 100% natural ingredients in recyclable packaging. without water in the product there's no need for preservatives.

Unrefined organic Shea Butter gently soothes rashes and soreness, but more importantly it allows the skin to breath. For nappy rash, you want the skin to breath to release unwanted moisture, especially in a hot nappy environment!

Many baby products use mineral oil, liquid paraffin or other petroleum ingredients as they are incredibly cheap and easy to manufacture. They work as a good moisture barrier but trap moisture in and don’t allow any air to the skin. This can actually dry the skin out. Stripped of natural balance, bottoms get sorer and redder needing constant re-application. It’s a bit like wrapping the skin in cling film which adds heat, add urine to the mix and you have a stinging red raw rash. Shea butter as an alternative to mineral oil and liquid paraffin, not only creates a nice barrier to moisture but sinks into the skin, taking with it it’s natural skin soothing abilities.

Calendula and chamomile extracts both add to the cooling soothing effects of the balm. They calm red and inflamed skin, they also have some anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory properties.

Argan and hemp oils aid healing and balance skin, they too have soothing qualities. These were chosen for their regenerative properties, ability to aid with eczema and psoriasis but also because they sink in quickly and don’t block pores. They contribute to skins natural balance and barrier. These ingredients don’t leave skin feeling heavy and greasy, which can feel uncomfortable on sore inflamed skin.

Vitamin E helps protect delicate skin from damage due to its antioxidant properties. It's also extremely hydrating.


Hear from SOS nappy Balm Customers 

Customers report SOS balm leading to quick relief from nappy rash within a few applications, here's what some of them had to say:

"My baby has sensitive skin and this is the only cream I have that has cleared it up so quickly! It took about a day to start noticing a difference. I am extremely impressed and will now only be using this cream going forward. It also makes an amazing lipbalm for mum!"

"It is a brilliant barrier cream"    
"all of my children have sensitive skin and after using this on my youngest, I'm really impressed at how quickly it calmed down the redness"    
"The product works better than you would expect, personally I have used the balms for myself and my little girl and although sometimes I have grabbed for different products in a pinch, you really can't beat the gentleness and effectiveness of these products"
"I love using sos Balm, it sinks in well, I don't have to use loads and my daughters nappy rash calmed really quickly"  


SOS Balm is a vegan, natural, organic nappy cream alternative and is handmade in the UK. You can buy online below.