Balm to Soothe Eczema Prone Skin on Hands, Body & Face

SOS Balm for Eczema Prone Skin

SOS Balm was specifically designed for Eczema prone and sensitive skin.


Eczema Symptoms and How SOS Balm Helps

Eczema can cause all kinds of uncomfortable symptoms. Dry itchy rashes, flaking, weeping, sore and uncomfortable flares. Inflamed, red and sore skin can be incredibly uncomfortable and hard to manage. When a flare sets in it can appear quickly and take a long time to ease. Steroid creams can potentially create Topical Withdrawal Syndrome and additional problems. There are many causes for eczema, some known, some still to be discovered. Whether it's an inflammation flare, stress, allergy related or a product that has irritated the skin, SOS balm can help to sooth and aid repair. It's anti-inflammatory ingredients help tackle topical inflammation, reduce redness and soreness all the while protecting the skin and allowing it to breath. They bring quick relief to itching, important as scratching can damage the skin and cause infections. The balm sinks in quickly and a little goes a long way. Customers have reported improvement in symptoms with only a few applications.

Eczema Prone Skin Friendly Ingredients

Shea butter allows the skin to breath, whilst replenishing moisture and creating a protective barrier to the elements, particularly important with weeping eczema. One issue with eczema is the skins barrier is compromised, Shea butter and Hemp oil both contain high levels of fatty acids, many of which are similar to those naturally occurring in skin, which help to replenish moisture and balance. Check out the 6 benefits of Shea butter here. Hemp and Argan oils, full of vitamins, help protect, sooth and restore skin without leaving a greasy residue like some eczema ointments, they also have anti-aging and anti-oxidant benefits. Calendula and Chamomile extracts play a part in reducing inflammation and have anti-bacterial qualities. Calendula has been shown with anecdotal evidence to be an effective natural alternative to hydrocortisone cream, and prescribed eczema cream for those wishing to avoid steroid creams. All of these ingredients combined bring calm and relief from itching, scratching, soreness and irritation and aid in the restoration of healthy skin. Most importantly, they are all completely natural, vegan and organic.


Hear from SOS Balm Customers with Eczema Prone Skin

Customers report SOS balm leading to quick relief from symptoms and helping to clear flares efficiently. Here's what some of them had to say:


"Most effective cream Ive found for my lousy skin - When I have a stress induced eczema flair, most products have minimal impact but a friend suggested this one and I have to say it’s the best yet. I no longer feel self conscious about my arms like I did before. We’ll done and thank you." GD
"My son has really bad eczema, I tried everything. One week of using SOS Balm and the scratching stopped almost straight away, the patches have nearly all gone! he is so much happier"
"I used it on my hands and the eczema has cleared!"

SOS Balm is an eczema friendly moisturiser, designed for sensitive skin and handmade in the UK. You can buy online below.