SOS Balm Reviews

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For Babies and children

'Within a week it had cleared my daughters eczema' ~Becky 

"I love using sos Balm, it sinks in well, I don't have to use loads and my daughters nappy rash calmed really quickly"  - Cloe

"all of my children have sensitive skin and after using this on my youngest, I'm really impressed at how quickly it calmed down the redness" - Sue 

'Psoriasis disappeared' 

"My husband suffered from psoriasis for 30years and tried to control the problem with a number of prescription medications. He started using the SoS Balm and the condition completely disappeared within a few months" ~ Christine


The SOS balm is pure magic!

 'The SOS balm is pure magic. Works amazing on skin complaints, we will be stocking up on more for the future.

Highly recommend this product - it’s so reasonably priced and completely natural.
Our order arrive super quickly' - Gemma

Rated 5 out of 5 stars



SOS balm - The name says it all 

'Wow this is definitely an SOS balm, as it literally saved us from a few days of agony after getting a very British sunburn. Normally I go straight to the supermarket after sun bottle, but whilst holidaying with family, one suggested I tried this little pot of magic. Applied on my back and let it soak in over night. By the morning I was obviously still quite pink nearly zero pain. I even managed to get dressed without feeling like the material was sticking to me. Repeated the next evening just to add the moisture back in to my skin. A week on and no sign of peeling or dry skin! The other half did not follow my suggestions and still slightly pink and peeling! This is why the wife is always right 😁.' - Rosie

Rated 5 out of 5 stars


A lovely easy to use cream

 'A lovely easy to use cream. It is great on dry skin and for the psoriasis on my elbow. Also after using it on a pan burn, it is now a permanent fixture in my Bathroom cabinet and I also carry it in my handbag for emergencies' - Susan

Rated 5 out of 5 stars


Most effective cream Ive found for my lousy skin

 'When I have a stress induced eczema flair, most products have minimal impact but a friend suggested this one and I have to say it’s the best yet. I no longer feel self conscious about my arms like I did before. We’ll done and thank you.' GD

Rated 5 out of 5 stars


Can’t rate the SOS balm enough

 Can’t rate the SOS balm enough. It’s a staple product in our household for all the family. It’s been used for nappy rash, dry skin, sooth insect bites and loads more. We refer to it a magic cream as it truly is just that! - Rebecca

Rated 5 out of 5 stars