Balm to Soothe Dribble Rash in Newborns and Babies

SOS Balm for Eczema Prone Skin

SOS Balm was specifically designed to be delicate on babies skin. 

 Dribble rash and How SOS Balm Helps

Dribble rash or teething rash can occur when there is a constant stream of saliva on the delicate skin around the mouth causing sore, inflamed, raw patches. It can be irritated with the use of a dummy or pacifier or projectile reflux. It is very common in babies and toddlers, especially when teething. SOS Balm can help sooth and calm the rash, lessening irritation and soreness. Like wise, babies can often develop rashes on the creases of skin around their necks, elbows and behind knees. SOS Balm can be used on these areas too to help calm, sooth and provide a bit of a barrier for skin protection. 

Baby Skin Friendly Ingredients

SOS Balm contains only pure, 100% natural vegan ingredients and is perfect for delicate baby skin. It is designed for sensitive and eczema prone skin and the unscented is suitable from birth and contains no allergens. Artificial scent, colour and preservative free, you can feel confident at what is being absorbed into your baby's skin.

Each ingredient plays a part in moisturising, calming and rebalancing skin. Shea butter moisturises whilst allowing skin to breath, calendula and chamomile calm redness and discomfort, vitamin E, Argan and Hemp seed oil aid rebalancing and repair. 

SOS Balm has been a hit with Customers for their baby's skincare needs

Customers report SOS balm leading to quick relief for skin and has been shortlisted for the Mother and Baby awards!



SOS Balm is an eczema friendly moisturiser, designed for sensitive skin and handmade in the UK. You can buy online below and find out what else you can use it for for you and your baby.