How to Stop Your Lips Going Dry in Winter

How to Stop Your Lips Going Dry in Winter

Dry chapped lips can be uncomfortable, especially when peeling or cracking. Cold days, wind, rain and central heating, can all add to the problem.


So what can you do to help lips from suffering this winter?

From humidifiers to trying not to lick and bite your lips, there's a lot you can do this winter to help your lips. When lips begin to dry, we find ourselves reaching for the lip balm. The trouble is most lip balms contain mineral oil (also know as paraffinum liquidum, petroleum oil) or you may be a die hard petroleum jelly user, take vaseline for example. Whilst petroleum jelly and mineral oils create an effective barrier on skin, they suffocate the skin too and often lead to dry, flaking skin, adding to the issue. You'll find yourself continuously reaching for the lip balm over and over, you may even find your lips worse after using it. 

What's an alternative to traditional lip balm?

Products containing shea butter are a great alternative. Shea butter sinks into skin taking with it nourishing qualities and moisture. It moisturises whilst allowing skin to breath, providing the perfect balance between protection and providing moisture. Teamed with other ingredients, Shea butter can be the best thing you do for your lips this winter.

Looking for a Shea butter product for your lips? Find out here how SOS multitasking balm can be used as a vegan, organic lip balm and save your skin this winter!

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