Natural Vegan Lip Balm to Soothe Dry Lips

SOS Balm to Soothe Dry Lips

SOS Balm makes an incredible lip balm treatment. Soothe flaking, cracked, dry or chapped lips. It also leaves an incredible sheen on lips to rival the best lip glosses! 


Dry lips and How SOS Balm Helps

Sos Balm, soothes, hydrates and protects lips from the elements, especially as autumn and winter start to appear. Sos Balm sinks into lips, hydrating witout a heavy or greasy feeling. Full of natural healing ingredients, the balm gets to work restoring skins balance. It won't suffocate skin like those made with mineral oil so you won't feel the need to constantly reapply. SOS Balm will do the job to help restore your smile. Added to that, being an amazing multitasking balm, keep it in your hand bag to use on cold sores, cuts, bites, dry skin, dry hands and even sunburn! 

Skin Friendly Ingredients

Shea butter allows the skin to breath, whilst replenishing moisture and creating a protective barrier to the elements, particularly important with sore, dry or cracked lips. Shea butter and Hemp oil both contain high levels of fatty acids, many of which are similar to those naturally occurring in skin, which help to replenish moisture and balance. Hemp and Argan oils, full of vitamins, help protect, soothe and restore skin without leaving a greasy sticky residue like some lip balms, they also have anti-aging and anti-oxidant benefits.

Mineral oils and petroleum products usually used in lip balms can suffocate skin. Whist creating a barrier to trap moisture in, they also don't let any hydration in or moisture out, what results is dry skin, often flaking, sore and creating the need to reapply all the time and reliance on the product. SOS balm nourishes and hydrates whilst allowing skin to breath so it will get to work and do an amazing job, leaving your lips, smooth, soft hydrated and looking amazing.

All the ingredients used are completely natural, vegan and organic. No artificial fragrances or mineral oil or palm oil. Use scented or unscented.


Hear from SOS Balm Customers with Eczema Prone Skin

Customers report SOS balm leading to quick relief from symptoms and helping to replenish dry and sore lips. Here's what some of them had to say:

 " I always have a pot in my bag for my lips. It lasts ages and I can use it on everything, I'd never go back to regular lip balm"

"This stuff is incredible, my lips used to be awful come winter and I'd suffer badly with dry cracked lips, now I just pop a bit of SOS Balm on and I'm sorted"

SOS Balm is an eczema friendly moisturiser and lip balm, designed for sensitive skin and handmade in the UK. You can buy online below.