Balm to Soothe Dermatitis on Hands, Body & Face

SOS Balm for Dermatitis  

SOS Balm was specifically designed by a mum for eczema prone and sensitive skin in babies and children. It is perfect to replace nappy creams, nappy balms, moisturiser and baby oils for babies with sensitive skin and for specific use on eczema and psoriasis. It is available unscented which is suitable from birth and scented which is suitable from 6 months.


Dermatitis Symptoms and How SOS Balm Helps

Dermatitis is a condition that causes irritation and swelling of the skin. It has many causes and often involves itchy, dry skin or a rash. It may cause the skin to blister, ooze, crust or flake. There is also contact dermatitis which is a form of eczema triggered by contact with a substance, including hand washes, shower gels, bath products, artificial scents, colours, preservatives or chemicals. For sufferers this can make choosing skincare products very difficult in case they set of a reaction. With SOS balm you can be certain of the best ingredients and zero allergens in the unscented. These ingredients combine to help sooth and repair skin, helping to restore the skins natural barrier and support healing. It can help sooth itching, moisturise and take the sting and soreness out of rashes, and provide quick relief from uncomfortable flares. 

Dermatitis Prone Skin Friendly Ingredients

SOS Balm's founder suffers with chemical allergies, which lead to contact dermatitis. Whilst formulating SOS Balm, she specifically chose natural and non irritating ingredients to avoid reaction. Making sure there were minimal ingredients, with no allergens (in the unscented) she could be sure her and her daughter would get the benefit from the balm without the rection. In the scented she chose the gentlest essential oils, suitable for sensitive skin. Having both unscented and scented options, not only makes SOS Balm suitable from birth, but available for even the most sensitive of souls! For more information on ingredients to avoid, especially for contact dermatitis and eczema, read our article here


Hear from SOS Balm Customers with Dermatitis Prone Skin

Customers report SOS balm leading to quick relief from symptoms and helping to clear flares efficiently. Here's what some of them had to say:

'My daughter had a reaction to some soap on her hands. They became really sore and cracked. I used the balm and overnight the redness went down and by the 3rd day of using it, the skin was completely healing' ~ Lucy

SOS Balm is an eczema friendly moisturiser, vegan, organic, handmade in the UK. You can buy online below.